Action Forever Debuts “Stay With You”

Sim Bansal, the bandleader of 4-piece Action Forever, grew up in Brantford, Ontario. His obsession with music began at age 5 and, for the next two decades, his natural talents were fostered by a musical family upbringing and constant exposure to a unique and eclectic mix of influences ranging from ‘80s pop, to progressive rock, to jazz, and indie.

The music of Action Forever, while lively, electric, melodic and danceable, explores darker themes such as loneliness in a digital age, abusive relationships, loss of identity, and mental health. New single, “Stay With You,loosely tells the story of the troubled relationship of two lovers from the point of view of the abused.

Listen to “Stay With You” HERE.

Immediately, I feel a sense of tragedy when I hear this song. It’s meant to broadly acknowledge any kind of abusive relationship one might have – could be with a person, a thing, or, as I’m seeing more clearly these days, a society,” Sim explains. “I aimed to capture the spectrum of emotions one feels in this situation and have the listener experience the full weight of it – the naive delusional love, the frustration, the isolation and the denial.” 


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