Dave Whitty Releases Heartening Single ‘Ducks in a Row’ for Folk Music Enthusiasts”

If you listen to Dave Whitty’s music, it won’t take long to hear the pride he has for his home province, capturing Newfoundland’s joie de vivre and beauty. His song, “Ducks in a Row,” was written coming out of the pandemic. It’s about the struggle of an artist during those times, and also as a person ages and matures. The music industry and being an artist is hard, and as one gets older it becomes even more difficult to keep the fire burning, to stay relevant, to keep on top of everything. It’s a coming of age tale about perseverance and pushing through.

Listen to “Ducks in a RowHERE.

“This song is fun and uplifting,” says Dave Whitty. “A perfect road trip song, when the sun is starting to set and you have the open road ahead of you. I think everyone can relate to the feeling of being a little lost in life and their career, and trying to push through to get to the other side.”


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