Don’t Miss Out: Rachel Maxann’s Powerful EP “Black Fae” Drops Today

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Memphis, TN – June 8th 2023: Bursting onto the Memphis soul scene, with influences ranging from Lauryn Hill to Tracy Chapman, songwriter Rachel Maxann masters the ability to produce an honest and vulnerable body of work. In her latest release, Black Fae’, Rachel has crafted an album that emulates the sensations of a loss of self and the transformations of growth. The album demonstrates her strong mastering of musical fusion with hints of Pop, Soul, Vintage Indie Rock, Post Modern Folk, and a dash of musical theater within her work.

Rachel has a rare ability to seamlessly cultivate a sound that weaves together a unique pairing of styles to give rise to her own intoxicating genre. With a resume that includes performing for Sofar Sounds and at the historic Overton Park Shell, as well as a guest performer at CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference, Rachel has been building a loyal following across the globe, with Memphis being her home base.

Rachel owes her individualistic sound to the wide array of places she has called home. She is a musical force that along the way of her travels across the globe has cherry-picked new soundscapes from different cultures to integrate into her work. In conjunction with her powerhouse vocals, Rachel has had the opportunity to take her music to stages around the world. Most notably, Rachel was contracted to perform on renowned cruise ships to crowds of thousands for several years.

Black Fae‘ strives to open past wounds through the reflection of Rachel’s fear of loss, sensations of desire, and the experience of unrequited love that generates both pain and pleasure. Despite these dark thematic elements, Rachel maintains a sense of hope throughout the course of the album and takes these seemingly negative experiences and uses them as learning lessons through incredible prose.

Speaking about the album she says,

“Black Fae does not put shame around these scars, but instead invites them in to sit together in reflection. There are moments you can hear the tears flow, because I went back to the mental state I was at the time, and the result is a cathartic release set to sweeping tones and raw, soaring vocals.”

You can listen to Rachel’s latest addition to her boundary-pushing and gripping discography, by streaming “Black Fae” on all major platforms.

If you’re in Memphis, TN you can catch her release show tonight, Thursday, June 8th at The Green Room at Crosstown Arts located at 1350 Concourse Avenue, Memphis, TN with fellow Memphis-based artists Cyrena Wages and Joe Restivo. You can find more information and purchase tickets here.

For fans of: Lianna Lahavas, Valerie June, Lauryn Hill, Tracy Chapman.

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