Published on November 25, 2016 by Five50Music

First Music Video Release

Founded in 2015 by producers Johnny Cake & Benny Rich. These two producer have a history of working with national –and international artists. They finally joined forces to create the FIVE50 MUSIC GROUP. With this co-production group they are creating their first album together with artists of the Netherlands and Belgium.
Johnny Cake started producing beats in 2005 and has worked with international –and national artists such as Aviel and Darrel Cole.  He has released beat tapes along the line of his career and also full albums. His latest release was “Hikikomori II.”
Benny Rich started in 2003 and has also worked with national artists such as Zwartlicht and Fresku.
To promote their co-produced album “#WDGAF” they are releasing their first single with a music video. The single that they are releasing is called “Go Home” featuring singer Edge Fine.
The single “Go Home” is about not wanting to give up the good life that you’re living next to the life that really sucks. It’s about partying, having fun and just enjoying life without the bullshit.
The official release of the Music Video “ Go Home” feat Edge Fine is on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016.

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