Folk Pop Singer, Tara Van, is Empowered on her Happy New Single, “Sunshine’s Callin’”

Tara Van is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter who was born to pour her heart out into music. Her genre-eluding sound finds roots in her first loves: soul, folk, pop, and jazz. Tara Van’s life has been steeped in music. Her life sounds like: choral baroque music over breakfast, loitering in the parking lot when the song hits too hard to deny belting out the last notes, or firelit open-mics where guitars seem to appear out of nowhere as loved one’s take turns bearing their soul. 

 Tara’s new tune “Sunshine’s Callin’” is centered around the importance of getting outside to air out and sun soak your problems. Sometimes when we aren’t out looking for answers, they come to us. This release, like last year’s single “Fucked-up-ness,” points to Tara’s exploration of her neurodivergence. It also paints a universal picture that urges us all to value simple outdoor pleasures and those “aha!” moments of realization that so often follow. The song is the first collaboration produced with Mark Calderone

“After officially being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder right before my album ‘Rise’ dropped last year, I began trusting my gut,”
explains Tara Van. “The answers I had been searching for my whole life seemed to strike me out of nowhere, all at once, mirroring the lyrics ‘just like lightning’. It electrified me and jolted me into a new reality, one with a lot more clarity. The self confidence that came with the diagnosis is probably the biggest thing. It solidified my ability to trudge forward as my most authentic self and brush off all the abusers and critics.”

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