GAVIN – “Aone”

Published on January 18, 2018 by gavincph

“Aone” is produced by Palace Beats and has sampled the 90’s hit “Its A Fine Day” by Opus III. This gives the whole track a “retro” feel to it, but you wouldn’t mistake it for being anything else that a banging trap song.
The song is about the situations you meet as an aspiring rap artist, and the importance of having a crew. The chorus “They call me young rider, wrong side up and no cypher” is saying that Gavin actually doesn’t have that much experience as a rapper under his belt yet. The “No cypher” part, describes that Gavin refused to perform during the crews cyphers for a long period of time.
The new video is shot and edited by photographer Joshua Jones, and together with Gavin, they proceed to take viewer along for a ride, depicting team spirit, life as an artist and the importance of having your Aones.
Gavin sluttede 2016 af med en håndfuld koncerter og bookings på meget kort tid

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