George Collins Shines with his Latest Single “Saving the Best for Last”

George Collins recently released his latest single, “Saving the Best for Last”.

This is a radiant track to complete his upcoming EP “Songs for Grown Ups”. Scheduled for release this summer, the EP promises to delight listeners with its mature themes and rich musical sounds.

But its “Saving the Best for Last” that stands out as being one of George’s most exuberant tracks to date, with its strident horns, sizzling guitar solos as well as a swirling Hammond B3 organ to complement the overall positivity of this track.

In “Saving the Best for Last” Collins manages to achieve the essence of his EP which explores the passing of time, and lessons learned along the way.

I wanted to end this collection with a positive, upbeat, exuberant anthem. Inspired by the works of George Harrison, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, and Neil Diamond, the song summarizes the themes explored in the previous tracks of the EP.” 

Collins believes that regardless of age, the best days are yet to come, a sentiment that can be heard throughout.

But what is most distinguishable is the energy and catchy hooks. Featuring a unique 70’s style modulation to add a surprising twist to the lyrics, it’s a refreshing addition to today’s indie rock music. The song leans on a retro style with Collin’s voice carries a distinctly retro touch.

Canadian musician Lou Pomanti, known for his collaborations with Michel Bublé, crafted the horn arrangements which adds a special dimension. The production, mastering and mixing was all handled by Sundown Sessions Studio in Nashville, with Collin’s lead vocals recorded in his hometown of Prague and engineered by the amazingly talented Derek Saxenmeyer of ENEM Productions.

Songs for Grown Ups takes its inspiration from Edward Said’s reflections on “Late Style”, celebrating creativity that flourishes in the later years. This is aligned with the later in life masterpieces by some of the great artists such as Harrison, Springsteen, Bach, Yeats, Matisse, and Picasso. In doing so, Collins puts a spotlight on the richness of experience and wisdom that comes with ageing, showing that every stage of life holds potential for new and significant endeavours.

Originally from Washington DC, now based in Prague, George Collins has infused his music with the ever varied experiences of his life. His debut album “It’s Been a Long Time” and the upcoming “Songs for Grown Ups” show an ability to bring insightful narratives together with memorable melodies.

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