Indie-Folk Songwriter Brayden Bell Stirs Up Hope in ​​”What If” ft. Amelie Patterson from Forthcoming EP

Brayden Bell is an indie-folk producer/songwriter with ballroom gravitas and campfire-folk relatability, gearing up to release his EP, Box Office Bomb, on June 21st. Bell’s considerate songwriting pulls truth in detail from the luminosity of everyday emotional directives, like dandelions growing through the sidewalk. The Canadian’s soaring falsetto brings a sensitivity to a contemporary midwest-emo phrasebook, a Hozier filmstock captured through a Julien Baker lens. 

We’ve all experienced those dream-like relationships that felt almost too good to be true. And oftentimes, they turned out to be just that. But what if things were different? What if this time, you finally got it right?

Watch the video here:

New single “What If” featuring Amelie Patterson is about holding onto hope and not over-complicating a good thing. After all, everyone deserves to find genuine happiness in love. Bell co-wrote it with Patterson, Michaela Slinger and Cassidy Mann.


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