Introducing Deadbeat Daycare: The Band Set to Dominate the Scene!

Emerging from the outskirts of Chicago, Deadbeat Daycare consists of four equally essential members. Their high-octane energy, captivating melodies, and punk-inspired intensity establish them as a standout presence in today’s music scene. Joaquin handles vocals and rhythm guitar, Ethan commands lead guitar, Bobby anchors the drums, and Dan drives the bass, together forging a sound that defies conventional labels.

Drawing inspiration from diverse influences, each member contributes uniquely to Deadbeat Daycare’s songwriting process, resulting in a rich and ever-expanding catalog. Collaboration lies at the heart of their creative approach, emphasizing collective responsibility in shaping their distinctive musical identity. Their unwavering dedication to authenticity distinguishes them, blending individuality with seamless group synergy.

Deadbeat Daycare transcends the ordinary, embodying a cohesive unit fueled by passion and originality, poised to make a lasting impact on the music landscape.

The band is booking gigs throughout Chicagoland this summer, connect with them on socials to stay up to date on shows, new music, etc.


Instagram: @deadbeatdaycare


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