K-Syran: Temptation


Published on October 17, 2017 by samanthag

K-Syran bursts back with the third single release from her new album, ‘Dizzy’, with the tantalising ‘Temptation’; an intoxicating catchy pop-dance track which whips and whirls its way around K-Syran’s cute bubbly vocals. ‘Temptation’ is a pull to the darker side, a brave venture into our secret inner-selves, those corners that we rarely to admit to ourselves, and never expose to other.  Vibrant and seductive, ‘Temptation’ explores how shining a bright torch on our darker thoughts will expose and then dissolve them.  Just like a dream – the moment you try to make it tangible it disappears.  But, for a brief moment of melodic paradise, ‘Temptation’ will allow you to wallow in that moment of pure pop bliss.  Bestowed with an impressive remix package including remixes from Nathan Jain, Most Lost, ANO, Block & Crown, DJ Pioneer and Justin Wilkes.

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