Lucy-May: Little By Little


Published on December 26, 2017 by samanthag

Known for her unique sound which beautifully fuses country with a deep delicious serving of soul, UK singer/songwriter Lucy-May announces the release of her new album, ‘Little By Little’  on 3 November, alongside the title track from the album as her new single on the same day.  Her debut single ‘Paper Heart’ reached Radio 2 playlist in 2013 and her debut album ‘Whirlwind’ proudly boasted the highly sought after ‘Highly Recommend’ position at HMV.  Now with a complete catalogue of fresh original material in the shape of her follow-up album and a UK tour planned for the Autumn, Lucy-May is back with a sound which surpasses anything she’s ever done before.


Deep, rich and deliciously relatable, the new single, ‘Little By Little’ brings a fresh modern twist to country, weaving country-characteristics around a soulful sound-bed of beats and melodies.  An original co-penning written in Nashville by Lucy-May, Karl Rybacki and Leslie Powell , ‘Little by Little’ plucks at Lucy-May’s country roots, as her distinctive vocals slip and skip their way through a sound bed of catchy riffs and loops.  Produced by Greg Fitzgerald, the track depicts a tale of reluctant love.  The lyrics of ‘Little By Little’ give a melodic description of how the course of true love can’t be blocked, bit-by-bit, cupid’s arrow will eventually cause us to succumb to true love.

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