Marshall Dane Entices on Brilliant Newl Single “No Need To Speak” to the Deaf and ASL Community

Canadian singer-songwriter Marshall Dane is a natural born storyteller whose journey has been shaped by a life full of victories and setbacks. He doesn’t shy away from sharing his vulnerabilities and emotions, making him and his music both relatable and heartfelt. His unique blend of country, rock and singer-songwriter has, to date, earned him five nominations for Male Artist of the Year at the Country Music Association of Ontario awards.

What sets Marshall apart is his use of American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with the Deaf community. As the son of a minister, he was raised with a strong sense of compassion and inclusivity. Since learning ASL in 2017, he has been incorporating the language into his performances to break down barriers and make his music accessible.

He co-wrote his new single, “No Need To Speak,with award-winning singer-songwriter Rosanne Baker Thornley (RBT). “The motive was my appreciation, understanding and and conviction that we don’t need words to understand each other. We just need to pay attention, use our eyes, our hearts,” says Marshall. If there’s someone you love and you need them to know how strongly you feel, that they can count on you in that moment, this song will support you.” 

Watch and listen here:


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