Maryen Cairns Releases her Captivating Vinyl Album: “One Woman Band, Live at Echotown Studios: Vol. 1”

Allegorical pop singer-songwriter Maryen Cairns has recently released her highly anticipated album “One Woman Band: Live at Echotown Studios, Vol. 1”.

This debut vinyl album follows Cairn’s intimate 10 date UK tour in the summer of 2023, where she performed several heartfelt renditions of her classic songs. This tour connected deeply with her audience.

Inspired by this period of reflection and renewal, Cairns recorded nine meticulously curated tracks during two days at Echotown Studios. The album features autobiographical compositions as well as re-imagined acoustic versions of her previous hits, inviting listeners into the stories of fascinating characters and their lives.

The album opens with the passionate “Kids from the Burbs'”, showcasing Cairn’s powerful vocals which are reminiscent of her earlier work.

“Give to the Chase” and “The Smuggler’s Tale” are wonderful in showing her versatility as a musician; whether it is on the piano, guitar, or percussion, Cairns is able to carry depth and precision across all of her chosen instruments.

“Missing You” is a previously unreleased track. It is a poignant, acoustic song exploring the complexities of unrequited love. With intricate fingerpicking, a captivating story comes to life and the listener is drawn in to a vivid story of what could have been.

A standout track is definitely “Flew Away”, a beautiful and engaging tribute to Joan Taubman, Australia’s first female pilot.

Recorded at Echotown Studios in Dorchester, UK, Cairn’s debut vinyl release is a major milestone in her music career which spans three decades.

Although this album is minimalistic in its approach, “One Woman Band – Live at Echotown Studios” is an engaging and compelling collection of songs and is sure to bring joy to fans of lyric driven, acoustic music.

With her forthcoming album now on the horizon, Maryen Cairns continues to enthral her audience with her intricate narratives and storytelling and her ability to give characters life through music.

Fans can purchase her “One Woman Band, Live at Echotown Studios: Vol. 1” directly from Cairn’s website or online store, alongside her other albums.

Find out more about Maryen Cairns on her Website. 

Listen to her music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music. 



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