Punk Band, Cross Dog, Cuts Through the Noise with Politically-Charged Song, “Jane Roe”

Cross Dog is a noisy, experimental, bass-driven hardcore punk band from Peterborough, Ontario. Their music is played at ear-splitting volumes, but the band’s socially conscious messaging cuts through the noise loud and clear.


Formed in 2013, the intentional omission of a guitarist from the lineup leaves Cross Dog lacking absolutely nothing. Affirming the power in the rule of three, Tracy A (vocals), Mark Rand (bass), and Mikey Reid (drums) explode with a multiplicative force that betrays the finite bounds of their instrumental limitations. 

Their second release from their upcoming LP is the politically-charged “Jane Roe.” The moniker of “Jane Roe” is used here to represent every single person who is forced to fight for their reproductive rights and access to abortions — a fight that is taking place not only in the US, but here in Canada despite its legal status since 1988.

Watch the video here:


“I wrote this song as someone who has been saved by this choice; as someone who has witnessed what happens to unwanted or underserved children in our society; as someone who believes that forced birth is morally wrong,” says lead vocalist Tracy A. “It is intended to be an anthem of solidarity, strength, and empowerment.”


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