Rachelle Rhienne: When The Sun Goes Down


Published on August 19, 2017 by samanthag

With mesmerising golden locks, captivating smile and shimmering blue eyes, stunning Scottish singer/songwriter, Rachelle Rhienne, turns up the summer heat as she steps onto the global music stage with her debut single ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ released 18 August.  Well known in Scotland as a DJ on her former show ‘From Rachelle With Love’ on Your Radio 103 and 106 FM, Rachelle now steps into summer as one of Scotland’s most tantalising exports this year.


Whipping us away to sultry, sun-soaked beaches, bejewelled with sparkling turquois seas and lavished with palm trees, ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ is the ultimate summer anthem. Featuring UK rapper Diaz Rodriguez, this slice of musical paradise oozes pure pop, splashed with steel pans for that Jamaican twist and flecks of Latino to give a distinct Spanish feel.   Written by Rachelle Rhienne and co-produced by James Birt and Stuart Mannell, ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ serves up a steamy musical fusion creating the ultimate soundtrack to those long hot days in foreign climes.  Accompanied by a lavish tropical video shot on the shores of the Mediterranean, Rachelle proved her steely determination as she undertook all of her own stunts, suspending herself from high sailing masts and trekking the rocky slopes and hills.  With stunning looks, mind blowing vocals and incomparable determination – proving that Rachelle Rhienne means business and she’s here to stay.

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