Sam Weber Explores Existential Themes in Acoustic Oregon

Sam Weber, the Los Angeles via Vancouver Island based singer-songwriter and guitarist is continuing to share glimpses of his soon-to-be released record, Clear + Plain (August 23rd), with the warm and observational “Oregon.”

Grounded by a strong bassline, Weber builds layers of vocals, lush percussion, and exploratory acoustic guitar into the track as it develops.

“‘Oregon’ was written on a trip to Ashland. We were renting a casita on this big property where all these hippies lived. It’s a bit of a sensory abstract poem that just sort of emerged. 

Listen in here:

I think the imagery is my own from the I-5 corridor, seeing the lush green flora, very pagan-beautiful, natural imagery of the state, contrasted with the scraps of humanity strewn around. And the progressive culture of Portland.” – Sam Weber


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