Sebastian Ortiz explores the complexities of love and obsession with “Every Day She Comes Back”

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May 1st, 2023: New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Sebastian Ortiz has released his latest single “Every Day She Comes Back, which delves into the theme of obsession in love. The inspiration for the song came from a dream involving a former lover, where Sebastian felt a perpetual push and pull between his desires. The lyrics touch on the dissonance and internal distress that arises from wanting to be with someone against all sane expectations, while also struggling for emotional and romantic independence.

Sebastian is known for his unique approach to modern folk music, combining elements of folk, pop, and rock’n’roll to create a joyful and energetic sound akin to acts like The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand.  For Sebastian, creating music is all about experimentation and the challenge of it, and he dedicates himself fully to his craft.

With plans for an EP in 2023, Sebastian is poised to make a name for himself. His music has already been featured on popular playlists and blogs like V13 and Underground Music Collective, gaining recognition for his intimate lyrics, classic fingerpicking style, and engaging stage presence.

“Every Day She Comes Back” is the latest addition to Sebastian’s growing discography. Through his music, Sebastian hopes to leave a legacy of love and unity, while also exploring the complexities of the human experience. As he puts it, “I think about the power of the individual and the unique contribution we each make to society – if we push ourselves to be different and not settle into the ideals and molds pushed on us, we can create something truly great. I’d like to be remembered this way.”

Listeners can expect more new music from Sebastian in the near future, as he continues to experiment and push the boundaries of modern folk music. For now, “Every Day She Comes Back” is a must-listen for fans of folk and indie music alike.

Keep up with all of his releases and projects on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


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