“Secretly Admire” by Galactic Monk – A Dreamy Pop Delight

Galactic Monk’s latest single “Secretly Admire” is a delightful plunge into the realms of ethereal pop laced with vibrant rhythms that exudes an air of whimsical elegance.

There are layers of shimmering synths and a buoyant beat that keeps the energy really high throughout the track. Galactic Monk’s transition from hip-hop to singing vocals is bold and refreshing.


Inspired by the anticipation of a Twin Flame connection, lyrics explore themes of self-love, divine intuition, and the manifestation of one’s deepest desires. Galactic Monk’s words are poetic, and infused with what he calls “word magick”.

Vocally speaking, this song is sincere; his voice soars over the lush instrumentals, carrying a sense of optimism and hope. This is especially evident in the chorus, where the vocals soar and the listener is enveloped in a warm embrace of sound.

Perhaps the most notable features of “Secretly Admire” is the hands-on approach he took in its creation. By overseeing the whole production process including the recording, mixing and mastering process himself, Galactic Monk has been able to set a certain sound that really embodies his artistic vision.

The result is polished and cohesive pop track.

Overall, “Secretly Admire” marks a triumphant return for Galactic Monk , an artist who is on a mission to inspire and enlighten. It is a catchy song that both uplifts the spirit and ignites the imagination.

Listen in here: “Secretly Admire” on Spotify 

Connect with Galactic Monk on his Website. 


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