Singer-Songwriter Ray Henderson Unveils Debut Album, Broke Down in Bala, on epijam ft. Touching Track “Voice”

A tough-sensitive singer-songwriter from northern Ontario, Ray Henderson combines the darkness of Johnny Cash, the storytelling of Kris Kristofferson with the gravitas of John Prine. Equal parts country, roots rock, blues and gospel, Henderson’s debut full-length album captures his lightning in a bottle.

Broke Down in Bala emerged from Toronto’s open mic scene where Henderson is a regular. Back in the ‘90s, he would drive down to the Free Times Cafe in Toronto every Monday from Muskoka. Returning in 2022, he met musician and producer Loren Davie who agreed to produce Broke Down in Bala, the first release on the Toronto-based epijam label. Now the world can hear Henderson’s music, poignant at times and raucous at others. 

The focus track “Voice came to Henderson in a dream. “I saw my lady across the water,” he explains. “She was looking for me and calling my name but couldn’t hear my reply. My voice was gone because…I guess I just didn’t fit in with the real musicians and naysayers… my own underconfidence. Then I met the positive lady in the song, so it was her belief in me that gave me strength and just kept me writing.”

Broke Down in Bala is the resurrection of 11 songs, inspired by lessons learned on the ride of life. Many were written up to 25 years ago, but Henderson had put them aside, not feeling confident in them. Then, in the summer of 2023, as he sat in the park with friends from the open mic scene, he dusted off some of his older material, and, encouraged by them, decided to give it another shot. 

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