Toronto Artist sunsetto Reflects on Lost Friendships with New Single “GREEN TXTS”

Few musical artists have the ability to capture today’s zeitgeist the way sunsetto does. While his sound is full-on forward-thinking pop – pulling from an all-over-the-map list of genres such as dance, rap, R&B and modern country – his lyrical themes dip and twist from the joyful to the profound. Previously released single, “PLANS,” laid the foundation of sunsetto’s emotionally-charged next chapter in music, and he’s now following up with “GREEN TXTS.” 

 “I’m a ’90s baby so we’ve seen the birth of social media, and we are a bridge between the IRL and URL generations,” sunsetto says, noting that the diverse crop of songs on his forthcoming debut album move from being nostalgic to futuristic, moving between a sort of Fleetwood Mac energy to a Post Malone-esque hip hop energy on songs like “GREEN TXTS.” 

The nostalgic song was written about losing friends – the feeling you get when you try to reach out to someone after a while and you realize they’ve changed their number and are just not the same person anymore.  

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