Vicky von Vicky Shares Epic New Single “Be Still My Heart,” from Broken Chairs EP

In 2019, after almost two decades, the Toronto indie rock band Vicky von Vicky reunited, paying tribute to their late friend and former bandmate Andrew Pricesmith. This “second chance” allowed Vicky von Vicky to regroup and return to the Toronto music scene with a renewed focus.

Their uplifting new EP, Broken Chairs, was mostly written in the week songwriter Michael Wynn was laid off from his full time job. Some of these melodies came straight from his dreams, and together with producer Nixon Boyd (Hollerado, Dizzy), they put together this rocking, five track EP.

Stream Broken Chairs in full HERE. Listen to “Be Still My HeartHERE

Watch the official visuals for “Be Still My HeartHERE.

Be Still My Heart” is about someone talking to their soul or heart, and getting them to try to calm down or take stock of where they are in life. In some ways the narrator has not been true to themselves, i.e. the separation from their heart and what makes them human. Wynn envisioned the narrator as someone who once deemed making money as their primary focus and had lost sight of the important things. Making money may have been the most important thing in this narrator’s life in “Be Still My Heart,” but they soon realize that money means nothing when you are no longer around.


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