A Lil Bit Of Soul feat Robert Giegling

Published on February 25, 2020 by

Good Day

Boombap producer Two Point Owe released a music video for the single titled: A Lil Bit of Soul, which features trumpeter ofmodern jazz – Robert Giegling. The video is directed by Ante Samarzija. A Lil Bit of Soul is from the album A SOWELFUL STATE OF MIND.

A Lil Bit of Soul mellow in rhythm and composition encourages creators to bring the soul back into music; be it alternative rap, new school hip hop, or even trap, whatever is it that you like just add a lil bit of soul to it. It pushes a positive theme for 2020, for music to know & originate and to make the music that they love.


Two Point Owe 

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