I Can’t Understand Why Music Video

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Hello everyone =)

Here is my new music video for my song called “I Can’t Understand Why.

So here is a little bit of the story and inspiration behind the song:
The inspiration for the song came from me learning about how singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley tragically drowned while going for a swim in the Mississippi river at the young age of 30. So that’s where the song starts at the beginning with “I went for a swim In the lake” and it goes on to tell a story of what’s the point/meaning life, what is death and why do such beautiful souls die so young.

Jeff Buckley has a haunting sadness when he sings and I imagined him “trying to wash away his pain” (lyrics from my song). So in my life I try and go out to seek the good, but often am met with sad and puzzling outcomes, I kept coming to the conclusion of “I can’t understand why” . It’s a subject that is close to my heart . I wanted to relate to people who also struggle to get through this roller coaster we call life . And make it known that at the end of the day there are just some things in life that we can’t understand and won’t always figure out the why and that is part of the beauty of being human.

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