Adrianne Blanks & The Oracles Releases Powerful Song “The Zodiac,” with a Clever Blend of Jazz & Rock.

Asheville based band Adrianne Blanks & The Oracles take listeners on a captivating journey with their latest musical offering “The Zodiac.”

Evoking the clandestine allure of a 1950’s jazz enclave straight from the silver screen, this song is truly unique with its notes of swing, pop, and jazz together with subtle hints of psychedelic rock and soul.

Through a collaboration between lead singer Adrianne and keyboard player Matt Blanks, the band have created their own sound which is often referred to as “Spellbinding Jazz & Rock.”

The mesmerizing synergy of Adrianne’s entrancing vocals, Matt’s expressive keys, Dillon Young’s detailed guitar and Elias Grimsley’s rhythmic precision on drums, form the very heart of “The Zodiac.” This fusion highlights their knack for taking their sound and creating their own genre.

Inspired by the colourful world of Jacques Demy, witchcraft, and evocative of the 1960’s, Adrianne Blanks & The Oracles blend tales of paranormal phenomena, vampires, witches’ familiars, metropolitan murderesses, femme fatales, and deep-sea monsters to sonorities as lush as a Bond film to the grit of Satanic surf rock.

Adrianne says:

“I’ve loved the 1958 film “Bell, Book, and Candle” for a long time. And when I first saw it, I always thought the underground jazz club called “The Zodiac” in the movie would make a great setting for a music video. Then one day I thought, why don’t I write a song about “The Zodiac’! I had a great time writing it with my bandmate and keyboard player , Matt Blanks.

The song starts with a Latin feel for the story telling part of the song, and as I explain that the trumpets drive you to madness the band begins an accelerando that takes us to surf rock. It’s a party!” 

With “The Zodiac,” Adrianne’s reputation as both a gifted vocalist and master storyteller is solidified. Garnering accolades like the esteemed Best Costumes & Wardrobe Award at the 2023 Music Video Asheville and recognition from publications like Enchanted Living and The Wild Hunt, Adrianne’s enchanting blend of musical mystique and theatrical flair continues to captivate listeners, ensuring her continued rise in contemporary music.

Originally from Chicago, Ms. Blanks debuted with “Words Are Spells,” in 2022. She started her music career in opera where she performed lead roles in Le Nozze di Figaro and The Magic Flute. She has also sung with The Lyric Opera of Chicago and The Chicago Opera Theater. Now transitioning to contemporary music, her evocative style captivates audiences and promises to be an exciting journey with new releases to come.

Stay up to date with Adrianne Blanks & The Oracles on the Website, and social media channels Facebook and Instagram. 

Music is available on all digital platforms, Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube music.

Listen to “The Zodiac” here.



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