Solarrio – Started this yet (Official Music Video)

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Directed/Animated by KidEight
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If I was in the passenger seat, how long would you drive for?
Like a river running to the sea, would you run away with me?
It feels like we’ve been here before, or was it just a dream?
Highway running out of road, no longer stuck in between

Driving through the tunnel of love, it’s so tempting to rush, without foundation

I don’t wanna lose you baby,
We haven’t even started this yet

Woodgrain on the steering wheel, bible on the dashboard,
Our favorite albums on repeat, you’re my karaoke queen

I’ll take you uptown, downtown, anywhere,
With the top down, riding round cause we don’t care,
They wanna talk down? Middle fingers in the air!
Slow down, slap them up and let them stare

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