Indie Pop Singer Victoria Staff Shares Her Perspective on Melancholic Song “From My Side of the Table”

Born and raised in Toronto, Victoria Staff was always an “anxious child.” The string that connected much of her young life was using music to communicate with family, friends, teachers, and even therapists. Over time, this coping mechanism developed into a passion for music that would lead to her career as an indie-pop artist. Staff continues to use the written word to communicate with her audience the complex themes of love, loss, and her struggle with mental health.


From My Side of the Table” is her take on her relationship that was falling apart at the seams. It wasn’t until they were out for dinner for her birthday that she realized that the relationship was already done. 


“It’s kind of like when you watch someone fall, and it’s almost in slow motion,” explains Staff. “I was watching this relationship – with this person I was head-over-heels for – fall apart in front of me. The song is mourning the relationship and also coming to terms with both the good and the bad that came with it.”



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