SUMMY Metamorphosizes Her Own Light on Latest Video for “Wish I Never Met You”

Arizona born and bred alt-pop artist SUMMY’s single “Wish I Never Met You” is an embodied metamorphosis from darkness into light that draws on loss, transformation, and heartache through ghostly reverbs and captivating vocals.

Her music video juxtaposes images of her first “20 days off cigarettes” in the dark bathtub of her lonely apartment with her emergence into a sunny meadow full of fresh air at her “30 days off cigarettes.” She uses her blue hair that she begins her journey with to signify isolation, introspection, and darkness and her pink hair that is introduced at the turning point of her narrative to represent self-love, empowerment, and joy. SUMMY uses her muted, melancholy backtrack to develop a chamber of reflection and highlight her dynamic vocals that rise above the surface. SUMMY contemplates the depth of her memories with deep-rooted emotions and inspired outtakes to ultimately come out on the other side as a beacon of hope. SUMMY confides that “Wish I Never Met You” is written about “Acknowledging what hurts you and being able to push through it while truly finding yourself.” Ethereal wisdom, raw emotionality, and defined aesthetics make ‘“Wish I Never Met You” an originally honest take on the hardships that come with loss and beauty waiting on the other side of it.

SUMMY is an LGBTQ+ alt pop artist who redefines the boundaries of imaginative art on her latest single ‘“Wish I Never Met You” With more than 2.5 million streams across platforms, SUMMY is a social media influencer with a whimsical and reflective aesthetic. With a captivated and growing audience, SUMMY hopes to inspire lightness and beauty in even the hardest of times.

Watch SUMMY’s Whole-Hearted Transformation


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