Indie-Rock Sensation The Avenues Return With New Anthem “Office Wear”

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Indie-rock sensation, The Avenues, are set to electrify the airwaves with their latest release, “Office Wear”. Known for their dynamic sound and infectious energy, the four-piece band from Hull has already etched their mark on the music scene with sold-out shows, festival main stage performances, and support for acclaimed acts such as Spector, The K’s, and The Royston Club.

The band is composed of Tom Foston on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Ollie Brown on lead guitar and backing vocals, Joe Galloway on bass and backing vocals, and Kurt Jackson on drums and backing vocals.

Their music, characterised by a fusion of indie-rock melodies, paints a vivid emotional landscape that is both frantic and anxious while retaining a hint of summery warmth.

A few weeks after “Another Movie”, the band graces us with yet another banger. “Office Wear”, a track that exudes a big and hopeful vibe, explores the monotony of traditional office life and the overwhelming feeling of its all-consuming nature. Written by the band’s singer and songwriter, Tom, the song delves into the childhood fears of growing up into a predictable life while juxtaposing it with the adult’s childlike dreams of escape.

Talking about the track, Tom explains:  “The song was born out of childhood fears of growing up into a predictable life, and the childlike hopes of an adult dreaming of escape.

The creative process behind “Office Wear” was a collaborative effort within the band. Tom’s initial concept was developed in the rehearsal room, where the band members worked together to bring the track to life. The production, recording, mixing, and mastering were once again skillfully handled by the renowned Mickey Dale, adding his signature touch to the sonic landscape.

The four-piece indie-rock band burst onto the scene in late 2018 and have since made a name for themselves through their electrifying performances and remarkable songwriting. Their journey includes sold-out shows in their hometown, playing the main stage at the prestigious Humber Street Sesh Festival, and sharing stages with acclaimed acts such as Spector, The K’s, and The Royston Club. With their energetic  live performances, The Avenues have captivated audiences across the country. Their first two EPs marked them out as serious ones-to-watch and the singles “Every Morning” and “Admit Nothing” took their operation to the next level.

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