Spearheading Trio Sunshine Express Push Spontaneity to the Max on “UNSHINE”

Experimentation is the soul of Sunshine Express, one of the most prolific bands to emerge from Niagara’s fast-growing alternative scene. MattUU (vocals & guitar), JassChau (sampler) and AidanR (bass) embody an unorthodox pioneering spirit with colourful songs, striking visuals and a dazzling, electronic approach to rock ‘n’ roll.

 On “UNSHINE,” Sunshine Express’ audacious new single, the band further embraces their affinity for live recording, enlisting drummer Justin Dobbelsteyn to push spontaneity and experimentation to the max. Singer MattUU delivers dry-humour nihilism—first slow, then fast, then faster—with anthemic zeal. An icy, warped piano cuts through a turbulent rock instrumental—first frenetic, then dizzying, then kaleidoscopic.

In the age of laptop mixes, algorithmic niches and lonely doom scrollers, S.EX is spearheading—and invites you to join—an alternative charge; venturing outside the box, fusing genres and championing the chaotic, communal spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

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