Amanda Daviner- Scorpio

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I am so beyond grateful and excited to share this video and song! Scorpio is a song about primal desires and how they will ultimately lead to your downfall. It is a story of passion, lust, vulnerability and ultimately, heartache. The song explores the pain and loneliness felt from suffering a betrayal from someone you thought you knew.

I had recorded Scorpio at the beginning of the pandemic with producer Ben Rice. He created this magical, compelling warmth with his production which encapsulated the emotion in the song. I really felt that I had to take this video to somewhere darker than I have explored before in order to match the songs intensity.

Thank you so much to everyone that was involved!

Music Producer: Ben Rice
Drummer: Peter Kronreif
Bassist: Matthew La Fountain

Cinematographer/ co-collaborator: Eddie Lebron
Producer/gaffer: Leticia Buchanan, Eddie Lebron
Production Assistant: Matthew La Fountain
Set prep: Claire Henry
Cast: Shoshanna Withers, Jehiah Bray, Mike Faria
Special thanks to Steve Walter and Claire and Jane Henry for letting me use their gorgeous locations!

written, edited and directed by yours truly!

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