Elijah Cruise – Suicide In Her Head (Official Music Video)

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Delve into the haunting world of ‘Suicide In Her Head’ with this captivating music video. 🎥 Directed and Edited by the talented Ryan Dailey, featuring the mesmerizing Natalie Terrazzino. 🌟 Olivia Perdomo takes the helm as the producer, while Ryan Dailey’s cinematography paints a vivid picture. Kudos to Shane Hunter, our brilliant Gaffer, for creating the perfect lighting ambiance.

🎶 The soulful journey is accompanied by the musical genius of Elijah Cruise, the producer and writer behind the haunting melody. Seth Earnest worked his magic in mixing, and the mastering credits go to the skilled Will Borza. Tyler Stooks on guitar and Asher Coker on acoustic drums added the perfect rhythm to this masterpiece.

🚀 Dive deeper into the world of ‘Suicide In Her Head’ and explore more from Elijah Cruise on your favorite streaming platforms. 🎧 Check out the linktr.ee/elijahcruisemusic for more musical enchantment. ✨ #SuicideInHerHead #MusicVideo #ElijahCruiseMusic #BehindTheScenes”

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