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Today we have the honor of sitting down with the incredibly talented Amanda Daviner, whose debut EP, “Catharsis,” has captivated audiences and critics alike, earning high praise for its emotional depth and innovative soundscapes.

One of the standout tracks, “Fight the Fray,” delves into the complexities of chasing dreams amidst the challenges of self-doubt and societal expectations, and has already garnered nearly 30k streams on Spotify alone.

A newcomer to the industry, she’s already made waves and been hailed as a “future megastar” by SiriusXM’s Larry Flick. Check out our interview below.

Congrats on the release of your debut EP, “Catharsis,” which has already been receiving critical acclaim! Tell me a bit about this EP —how did the concept come about?

Thank you so much! Catharsis is a representation of the feeling you get when you share your deepest thoughts and emotions with the world. Being an artist can leave one feeling very vulnerable, as though they are reading their diary aloud to a room full of strangers. That is very much how this project has made me feel. In recent years I began learning about myself as an artist and exploring what that meant for me as a person. Two of the songs that are on the EP were written with an old writing partner of mine and reflect a period of my life that is long gone. The remainder of the songs are meant to share a part of myself that I explored while coming into my own as a solo artist. The album itself has been cathartic. All of these experiences have made me who I am today and have really helped me to discover who I have become.

“Fight the Fray” touches on the challenges of pursuing your dreams while navigating self-doubt and societal pressures, which is something I think so many of us, musicians or not, can really relate to. Can you share more about the inspiration behind this track and the message you hope listeners take away from it?

Fight the Fray discusses the juxtaposition of the feelings of self-doubt that you have when pursuing your dream compared to the natural high you attain from living it out. The song is a reflection on all of the things we tell ourselves about why we aren’t going to make it and the determination it takes in order to ignore that voice of pessimism.

I moved to NYC almost ten years ago. I have experienced many ups and downs here in the city. In any aspect of life, people will want to tell you what you have to do in order to fit into the neat little mold they’ve given you in order to succeed. “Fight the Fray is about pushing past the din and focusing on the one voice that matters: your own.

With great risk comes great reward but if those risks are never taken, how will we know that we did ourselves justice? No one is going to pull you through the hard times or hold your hand, you simply have to start believing that you are worth the outcome. Sometimes cynicism, pessimism, and complacency drive us to be stagnant but we can’t let the dark swallow the light. Fight the Fray is a story that has been told from the beginning of time. Do you watch the story unfold or do you grab hold of the tools and write the narrative. Do you have what it takes to Fight the Fray? Then find a way.

Your music is quite vulnerable and honest — do you ever struggle to draw that line or retain privacy or do you feel like the more vulnerable you are with your audience, the more authentic their experience with the music?

It isn’t a struggle at all because I truly wear my heart on my sleeve. Music is the one place in my life where I can be 100% honest. There are many things I have shied away from saying out loud in life that, through song, I am empowered to share. I have probably shared too much but I don’t mind, nor do I find it a fault. It’s very cathartic, hence the title of the EP.

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far, and why does it stand out to you?

My time recording in the studio has been the most memorable. I am learning a lot about writing and production and I have learned so much from all the different musicians and producers I have worked with in regards to style and approach. I have worked with some exceptionally talented people and I am so blessed to have crossed paths with them.

Speaking of memorable moments and pressure, you were dubbed a “future megastar” by SiriusXM’s Larry Flick. Huge congrats! How do you manage the expectations and pressures that come with such high praise, and how does that pour into your music and how you show up for fans?

Of course it is extremely flattering for people such as the iconic Larry Flick to have such kind words for me but accolades have never been my motivation. I consider myself a poet first and foremost and I really just want my music to resonate with people out there who feel as lost and scared as I do sometimes. If I can help just one other person through their time of despair or heartache then it was all worth it.

You’ve also performed at the Brooklyn Music Festival and were the first artist to perform at Vimeo’s corporate offices. What do you think it is about your live performance that’s drawn so much attention?

I find that staying connected and emoting during a live performance is very important. It doesn’t matter if you are performing for 10 people or 10,000, you really have to give it your all on stage.

What do you hope fans walk away feeling after a live performance?

My aim for any live performance is to connect emotionally with the listener. I am a storyteller and a poet and I hope that the audience can connect to both my music and lyrics.

What’s next for you?

Over the last 10 year or so I have been writing a lot of music. I have many different ideas and concepts that I want to share with the world. The next EP I have in mind, which is called Mania, will be a more alternative rock centric album focusing on the first few years of my life here in NYC. I’m hoping to release that album sometime next year.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Along with this being my debut EP, it is also the debut of the first music video that I wrote, directed and edited which is called Scorpio. You can watch it on YouTube and the EP is available on all streaming platforms. I am so thankful to everyone who worked on these projects with me and I look forward to sharing what lies ahead!

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