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We catch up with Shanice, whose new track I Got You,” produced by Mark J. Feist and released on Hitmakers Entertainment, has taken the music scene by storm. Shanice shares insights into the empowering message behind the song and recounts their inspiring journey, from The Voice Kids (Germany) to her scholarship at Hurtwood House and signing with Hitmakers Entertainment.

Congratulations on the success of “I Got You” Mark J. Feist and out on Hitmakers Entertainment! What can you tell us about this song, for someone who has never heard it, what would you say?
Thank you! I am so excited about my song being out! I would describe “I got you” as a self-empowerment anthem. It is a “dancey” pop song that I hope will give everyone who listens to it energy and positivity. That is why I wrote it, so I hope it comes across!

Your journey from The Voice Kids (Germany) to obtaining a scholarship at Hurtwood House and ultimately signing with Hitmakers Entertainment seems incredibly inspiring. Can you describe some of the challenges you faced along the way and how you overcame them? We have a lot of indie artist readers and know they’d love to hear your story.I think the issues with nearly every journey are similar. The challenge with every journey, probably is to keep pushing yourself and not get discouraged. Sometimes that happens, because people influence you and there is negativity around you, or sometimes things just take longer than you’d like. For me personally, it was hard to adjust to certain things, because they changed so much and so drastically. The type of work I’d do would sometimes depend on ym environment and what the next step was. Sometimes you don’t know the next step yet., because things change and plans change. Keeping up with that can be a challenge. That’s why it is so important to remember to keep your work-flow consistent throughout whatever changes you might go through. That definitely helped me.

What has been the most unexpected part of this journey so far?
The most unexpected part of my whole journey has been the last few months actually. I was lucky to get signed to an amazing label with great people, who work hard and are about their artists so much. I have not been signed for very long yet and we have already done so much and we have so much more planned! I absolutely love that! It was unexpected because around 2-3 months ago, I was still in my flat in the Uk, trying to figure certain things out. That’s why it is so important to keep working and not lose motivation. You never know when an opportunity can present itself and things can move fast from there, which is so amazing!

Being compared to artists like Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande is a testament to your unique vocal and musical style. How do you balance maintaining your own identity while drawing inspiration from these established pop icons?
Being compared to amazing singers and artists is a big compliment! I don’t have any issue with that in terms of identity. I draw inspiration from everyone and everything I hear, like most artists. But I have a very clear vision and sound that will of course be different, because we all draw insertion from different things and hear things in a different way and then apply them differently in what we do. I have always had a clear idea of what my identity was. That might change over time too, but it will always be my own, just like every other artist’s will be theirs.

From participating in a nationally televised competition to studying at prestigious institutions, you’ve had an impressive journey thus far, almost whirlwind like! How do you continue moving forward, while staying in the present?
This journey can continue in so many different ways, some of which are still unclear. That is the exciting part though. I’m ready for all of it! I don’t mind things being whirlwind-like. It’s what makes this journey so exciting. I think, as long as I continue to work hard and stay on top of things, I will have no issues with staying in the present even when things move fast.

Your music seems to incorporate a blend of genres and influences. How do you see your sound evolving as you progress in your musical journey, and are there any specific genres or styles you’re excited to explore in the future?
I definitely want to give my fans consistency with my sound. That’s a very important thing. Even if my sound will keep evolving over time, which I’m sure it will, it will still be my sound. It will always keep certain elements that I love because they are just my style… but I will always listen to different types of music and explore new things! You never know what you might stumble across and these days there is so much that we can listen to and discover! So, I love that we have the opportunity to evolve and have so much inspiration from so many different things. I don’t think there is anything specific I am excited to explore at the moment… I just like to explore everything really and then see what happens!

Becoming a pop sensation involves not just talent but also a strong connection with your audience. How do you ensure that your music resonates with listeners on a personal level?
The most important thing in music, in my opinion, is to be authentic with your lyrics and inclusive with your performance. If I talk about things that go through my head and I am honest about them and that can make someone else feel seen or understood, then I have done my job. That’s how you connect. As a musician and as a songwriter, that is what I want. I always want to connect with my audience. I am writing the songs from my perspective and really because it is my way of dealing with everything that happens to me (that’s why I hope people can feel that when they listen to my songs and relate to it), but I am performing it for others. That’s where I hope to connect the most with everyone.

Do you have any memorable fan interactions that have reaffirmed your musical path?
I think the best moment for me will always be when someone comes up to me and tells me that they could relate to my songs or that my music inspires them. That’s how I know I’m doing it right and that’s what’s most important to me.

What’s next for you?
I have a lot of music coming out in the next few months! There will be music videos too! We are working on so many things at the moment, so I am excited to share them with everyone! Stay tuned!!

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