Nic Andrea & The Verdict- Jimi Come Home (Movie, 2023)

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Winner- Best Musical Film (Short)- 2023 Munich Music Video Awards!


“Jimi Come Home” is a concept album film based on a captivating blend of truth and fiction. The inspiration stems from a mysterious incident when a guitarist abruptly left the band during a practice session, never to return. The rest of the album delves into Nic Andrea’s speculation about the demons Jimi might have faced and the potential impact of his actions on others. IIn addition to the members of Nick Andrea & The Verdict, it stars Bonnie Root (CSI/Cold Case) as Jimi’s ex-girlfriend.


Jimi Come Home
My Felony
Motherless Soul
We Don’t Need You Anymore
Epilogue For Jimi (during closing credits/outtakes)


Nic Andrea- vocals/trumpet
Gary Swan- keyboards
Ricky Z- guitar
Eric Garcia- Bass
Lynn Coulter- Drums


Best Musical Film (Short)- Jimi Come Home, 2023 Munich Music Video Awards
Finalist, Jimi Come Home- 2023 European Short Awards
Finalist, We Don’t Need You Anymore- 2023 Rome Music Video Awards
Finalist, My Felony- 2023 Euro Music Video Song Awards
Official Selection- Jimi Come Home, 2023 Santa Maria Music & Film Festival
Official Selection- Jimi Come Home, 2023 World Music & Independent Film Festival


“A concept album that invites you to drift away and not come back.” (Ben Vee (benveeblues,com)

“A visually tantalizing musical adventure.” (Henry Urick, KHUG)

“An ambitious project surrounded by a plethora of talented musicians” (Paul Kenedy, West Coast Grooves).

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