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High tempo, high voltage rock bang to the blood stream. Full of meaning and menace. Big chorus, searing guitars, unhinged synth solo, stomping chants, woven into a sonic weave on which to embroider a powerful lyrical story which examine traps and wilful blindness. It’s a poignant offer in this time of individualism, and consumerism as an anaesthetic.
What It is….is entirely down to the listener, but where this song hits the zeitgeist is that the giving you it part, clearly involves sacrifice. A reference perhaps that we are all becoming increasingly aware that we are living in a world which very few of us really wants.
If it sounds heavy it doesn’t need to be. Listen to this in any mood, let it cheer you up, motivate you in the gym or sit in quiet contemplation you will be surprised at the different layers of the onion of this song.

A massive thankyou to everyone who collaborated on the production of the song and video. Willie Logan for another brilliant video, Gerry and Dru for their zany antics. Jimmy, Kev, Fiona, Jon, Justin and Adrian for the musicianship and production and all the various invaluable people who help us to promote our music around the world.