We’re Doomed, We’re Dancing: 60 Songs, 60 Minutes

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Downupright’s diverse new album changes genres & vocalists every 60 seconds. Over 40 collaborators appear in a continuous party mix.

Downupright is Bill Boulden (they/them) 37, from Buffalo, NY. In 2018 they fully crowdfunded their album ‘Music To Die Alone In Space To’  through fan support to a whopping 25k, earning it a spot on Kickstarter’s “Projects to Watch.” Each album was recorded for the backer, making every recording unique. Now, they’re at it again with the Kickstarter launch of ‘We’re Doomed, We’re Dancing: 60 Songs, 60 Minutes.” The project has already reached its halfway goal with 18 backers in the first 2 hours.

What is it that’s got everyone’s attention? It’s that the diverse new album changes genres and vocalists every sixty seconds, seamlessly blending into an hour of continuous party mix for lovers of all genres. Not only that, but this is living art. It’s a live collaborative effort with 40+ participants, including the fans themselves. That’s right—backers can be a part of the album building process too.

Backers are offered a variety of ways to support the project, including the opportunity to be a Co-Pilot to the album, determining the next genre, setting the order of tracks, choosing themes, picking cover song opportunities, suggesting artists to collaborate with, voting on song titles, and more.

With over 40 collaborators on the album, all sharing their personal stories of what the end of the world means to them, it’s an album and a movement that takes something as heavy as the chaos we’re all going through right now and invites listeners to throw their hands in the air and say “let’s dance anyway.”

You can support Downupright and be a part of this living art project by supporting ‘We’re Doomed, We’re Dancing’ here.


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