Country Singer-Songwriter Andrew Salgado Releases New Music Video for “Learning How to Forget”

Andrew Salgado releases new music video for hit single “Learning How to Forget.”

Directed by Brandon Bott, the video takes us through Andrew Salgado’s morning as he first wakes up. He reaches for his phone, visually transporting his audience to the memories of his lost love. In his own words, “Learning How to Forget,” is like “closing the story even though we have a couple chapters left.”

Andrew Salgado sits up in bed as the viewers accompany him through each scene. As soft strums of guitar play and we transition to through the memories, Andrew Salagdo sings, “I try to deny it, but my heart won’t let my mind forget.” Even though his efforts to let go are persistent, their presence always lingers in his mind. The video is shot alternately between prior dates the couple shared and Andrew Salgado alone in his room. The song, paired with the visuals of the music video, provide a dream-like feeling.

The lighting between the present and the past contrasts to provoke a longing emotion, In the present, as Andrew sits up in bed, the lighting is dim and gloomy, representative of the heartbreak. These scenes are shot with a cooler tone light, bringing out the vibrancy in the blues. In comparison, the brighter lighting in the memories shine on the two characters, defining their pleasant smiles and conversation. The warmer lighting exudes feelings of calmness and relaxation. Andrew Salgado hopes to get back to that feeling, but first, he must learn how to forget. 

Salgado rolls out of bed, and opens the blinds. Adding natural light to this once gloomy room gives the sense of hope to his audience. He makes his bed, as the camera angles organically to his movements. He begins to pack a bag as we are transported through the memories of his past love and the sadness he once felt for the last time.

To stream “Learning How To Forget,” click here.


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