Graffiti Welfare – Volume (Official Video)

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A couch-side, lucid left-hook of electro psych pop. Underneath layers of contrast, there’s a drowsy reminder: “Revolving shores nomad, home is where you’re at.”

Music Video by Quinton Hickman
Quinton’s artistic notes:
“When I first heard Volume I got lost in the ebbs and flows of all the different sonic elements of the song. Having seen the cover and having gotten to know Graffiti Welfare a little more personally, I noticed that memory was the thread holding the entire album together. Much like the instruments in Volume, memories always change and transform the more you think about them. Essentially, I wanted the video for Volume to be a direct illustration of memory complete with its decay, loss of clarity due to time, and distant familiarity. I feel like that’s what we got in the final edit.”


Artist: Graffiti Welfare
Album: Revolving Shores
Album Pre-save link:
Label: Milleville Music
Mastering: The Wheelhouse Studio

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