Jason Vitelli’s “The Veil”: A Post Progressive Masterpiece

Brooklyn-based, multi-faceted instrumentalist Jason Vitelli has released his latest single, “The Veil,” taking listeners on a captivating musical journey inspired by the allure and anticipation of Salome’s Dance of the Seven Veils. 

The track unfolds like a burlesque show, each note and instrument peeling away layers. It begins with one innocent piano chord, gradually building into a dynamic, four-on-the-floor beat, accompanied by a persistent cello ostinato. As tension and excitement escalate, ascending synthesizer lines reach a soaring climax.

Vitelli injects vigor and boldness into Salome’s seductive tale, infusing his unique style of intricate modern progressive music, often described as post-progressive. Theatrical, story-driven, intense, cerebral, and emotional, his work carries a cinematic spirit: 

“I attempt to captivate by combining many styles of instrumentation and through which, hope to bring listeners to places never heard before.”  

“The Veil” seamlessly blends synthetic and real elements, featuring an array of instruments such as cello, viola, piano, electric guitar, percussion, and woodwinds. Like the symbolic protection of a veil, this musical masterpiece invites listeners to the idea of splitting one’s perspective into many. 

In a departure from traditional songwriting, Vitelli explores instrumental music, emphasizing the openness to listener interpretation. This artistic shift is further showcased in his new album, “1. Ambient Corridors,” where genre-blending allows him to communicate without relying on words, offering a unique and immersive experience.

With each nuanced layer, this track makes a compelling addition to Jason Vitelli’s repertoire. 

Listen to “The Veil”, available now on Spotify. 

Keep up to date with Jason Vitelli on his Website and social media Facebook and Instagram. 

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