Vancouver Songstress Heidi Vincent Breaks Barriers with Honest Reflections on Life with ADHD.

Vancouver BC based singer-songwriter Heidi Vincent shares a message of strength and resilience with her most recent single “Dear ADHD.”

The song resonates with the challenges shared by many who grapple with the condition, and explores the often turbulent journey she faced; a path often fraught with criticism and misunderstanding, mirroring the broader context of ADHD experiences.

The song itself has a raw authenticity about it, with down-to-earth sensibility and elegance. With Heidi’s soulful acoustic guitar and vocals, “Dear ADHD” feels both intimately personal yet also universally relatable. Like a heartfelt letter to the disorder itself, the listener is offered a genuine glimpse into the complex emotions that come with navigating life with ADHD.

I was diagnosed with ADHD very late in life. And when I was finally diagnosed, I literally felt so much grief and rage. I understood in that moment that the years of negativity delivered to me by so many people & institutions were just not true. Everything I believed about myself and who I was from these extraordinarily negative messages, from those I trusted implicitly, were not my fault. I lived much of my life feeling like I didn’t belong and wasn’t valuable. ADHD wasn’t understood while I was growing up, not by society, not by my family.” 

Heidi’s musical journey began at the age of only five, when her late mother introduced her to Glenn Campbell’s “Rhinestone Cowboy.” Despite lacking formal training, Heidi honed her craft over the years, culminating in the release of her debut indie rock album “Happy Now,” and the pop-infused “Something Borrowed, Something Blue.”

“Dear ADHD” marks a significant shift for Heidi as she courageously brings her vulnerability to address the challenges of living with ADHD head on.

The song was produced by renowned producer Winston Hauschild (known for his work with Hannah Georgas and Wanting), and features drummer Flavio Cirillo (of Mother Mother and Corb Lund fame).

Keep up to date with Heidi on her Website, Facebook and Instagram. 

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