Jennifer Harper – “Remembrance” (official music video)

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“Remembrance” Out 11/11/23


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In this video I wanted to capture my own remembrance. Over the past 5 years I have experienced many visions of other worlds, past lives, alternate realities. I have spent many hours in reverie on my bed much like this – in guided activations where my imagination and dreams have blossomed. I have had encounters with guides, angels, wizards and dragons that are exquisitely beautiful. Very prominent in my visions are ancient temples where women offer healing, initiations and rites of passage. Ceremonies of such beauty, peace and power. Crystals everywhere. It was my intention to capture but a glimpse of it for you here. These empowering activations have brought me to this day of trusting and remembering who I am on a soul level. A powerful being of light – just as we all are. I hope this video and song awaken a remembrance in you – of the beautiful, of the possible, of the beautiful, of the possible, of the potential available to all of us to create Heaven on Earth right now.

Story behind the song

This is a hope filled song about remembering your power, remembering who you are and who you came here to be. It is about letting go and tuning in- listening to nature and your own heart.

I was inspired to write this song after completing a year studying Human Design and Gene Keys.
As I embodied the teachings – I wove what I learned into my musical creations. It was also inspired by my experience in a group led by a woman trained in Andean Shamanism.

I wrote this song about my own remembrance – with a lightness and joy. I wrote it easily and effortlessly. It was a simple and clear expression of how I feel and my heartfelt wish for others.

The piano came first – guiding me into a playful reverie.
I had the best time in the studio with my producer and multi-instrumentalist, Matt Anthony. It was freeing to create and overlay uplifting piano parts for the first time. We both love how it turned out.

I almost called it “Rest Your Head” as it is about rest and reset. It is about honoring our feminine energy rather pushing so hard all the time in the masculine – in the machine that is our modern society. However, the core message of the song is remembering who you are on a soul level. Thus, I decided to call it “Remembrance”

It is a song to awaken, particularly in women, a remembrance of our power. A remembrance of our ancient lineages – of healers and priestesses, and a time of matriarchy.

I hold the hope and vision that with the rise of the divine feminine – with this remembrance – we can usher in an age of peace that we all long for.

This age of peace we scream and cry for.

This age of peace that can leave us so easily feeling helpless and hopeless in the face of the 3D reality.

May we trust in the knowing –
The best is yet to come.

With so much love,

Video Credits:
Artist/Creative Director: Jennifer Harper
Director/Editor: Heather Seybolt
Hair/Make up: Liz Lazo

Song Credits:
Music and lyrics: Jennifer Harper
Vocals: Jennifer Harper
Piano/Keyboard: Jennifer Harper
Bass, drums, percussion, guitar, dulcimer, synth: Matt Anthony
Produced by: Matt Anthony

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