Country Artist Bree Jaxson Releases New Single “With You” for Her Children

Country artist Bree Jaxson releases new single “With You” in tribute to her children as she is away serving our country. The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Click here to listen. 

As we become fully immersed in this heartfelt ballad, Bree Jaxson serenades her listeners with a story of compassion and unconditional love. Starting with a peaceful melody, the track helps the audience feel at ease within themselves and the world surrounding them. This track completely distances listeners from reality, allowing them to be filled with hopes and dreams, as they hear Bree singing, “Just know that you’ll never be alone.” Bree Jaxson relates the message of this song to her children with her mellow tone that provides a sense of comfort and ease, complimented by the soft, rich piano underneath. Overall, the song is meant to act as a motivator, as well as a message that one is never truly alone, even in their darkest moments.

“With You” premiered exclusively with People, and you can read the article here.

Jaxson states, “I really wrote it for them [my kids],” she says. “I almost didn’t release it because I just wanted it to be something for them. But then I thought of all my friends who are in the service and anyone else that must be away from their children for work or for whatever reason.” 


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