Jack The Underdog Teams Up With Pop-Punk Royalty Kellin Quinn in New Single “Conversation”

Jack The Underdog releases new single “Conversation,” with a feature by Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens. “Conversation” (feat. Kellin Quinn) is now available on all streaming platforms. Click here to listen. 

In just over half a decade, Jack The Underdog has reinvented the pop-punk genre. He fuses pop-punk styles with electronic and hip-hop elements to create a totally original sound, dubbed “R&P” (rhythm and punk). Inspired by social justice, Jack The Underdog writes music for the misfits. Jack understands the battles of feeling unheard, and he aims to be a voice for the marginalized and misunderstood, hoping they can find some solace in his melodies. 

“One day back in 2020, my friend Amy Asher and I hung out to write a song together. We had the idea of a relationship ending due to bad communication and calling it ‘Given Up.’ That idea turned into the hook, ‘if we had this conversation last month, this wouldn’t be our last one.’ We originally wrote it for her, not me, as a sad indie pop song. A few months went by, and I decided to test out what it would sound like sped up and with more pop-punk and rock production. I re-produced it, and we changed the name from ‘Given Up’ to ‘Conversation.’ It immediately got the attention of fans that would hear me play an acoustic pop-punk rendition of the song, and I knew I had to get it professionally recorded and put together. I released the original version of the song in July and then got connected to Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens through one of his producers. I really wanted Kellin to feature on one of my songs. He loved ‘Conversation’ and chose that song to collaborate with me and create a new version with him on the track. I’ve been a Sleeping With Sirens fan since I was a young teenager, so it still feels surreal to have a song with someone that influenced and inspired me so much.” – Jack The Underdog


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