Kevi Morse Is Back with New Music “Chasing”

Kevi Morse ends the month just how he began it with a new single, “Chasing.” Building on the success of “Last Year,” Kevi Morse keeps his foot on the gas with “Chasing.” “Chasing” is a powerful song with hard-hitting, deep lyrics to boot.

“Chasing” is a mental health and motivational anthem. The track serves as a reminder to chase your purpose through whatever life throws at you. “In the midst of this lifetime, we fall victim to addictions or life’s curveballs that derail us from reaching who we were called to be.” Kevi Morse continues, “Mental stability is key, and I want this song to be a voice for those who need the reminder.”

“Chasing” is the epitome of Hip-Hop/Rap music with a message. The impactful track was created by Kevi Morse for mental health organization RemedyLIVE. The song is meant to aid in breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and make a profound impact on the hearts of listeners. “Chasing,” produced by BCOE, has already been well-received as it will be featured in a Netflix show. Go ahead and add “Chasing” to your daily rotation, and chase that natural high.

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