Survivor-Led Collaborative Project Chorus of Courage Releases Fiery “Burn It Down” feat. Cindy Doire Alongside Debut Full-Length

Bracebridge, Ontario’s survivor-led collaborative project, Chorus of Courage, is lifting the veil on the ten tracks which make up Always By Your Side, the debut album which reflects and transmutes survivors’ lived experiences into rich and deeply honest songwriting.

Through gathering survivors and songwriters during a summer retreat, the project’s organizers, including qualifying registered psychotherapist and singer-songwriter Cindy Doire, created a home to explore some of the most difficult experiences that one could imagine.

Love, music, silence, acceptance, guidance, connection, and movement are key to Always By Your Side and its songs’ origins, which range from soulful empowerment (Alysha Brilla’s “Shine”), delicate reassurance (the Julian Taylor-penned “Sweet Little Hummingbird”), and the incendiary folk rock of Doire’s songwriting contribution to the record, “Burn It Down.”

Watch the video here:

The stories shared and held at retreat were given a voice and expression through Chorus of Courage’s songwriters. These songs were captured, recorded, and then sent to the project’s allies, who responded with another song written in solidarity, creating a powerful musical conversation.

By sharing these songs of resilience and hope, the members of Chorus of Courage seek to inspire empathy, ignite conversations, and catalyze positive change. 

With Always By Your Side, the project aims to create a ripple effect that elevates awareness, breaks down barriers, and fosters a culture of respect and support. Together, they stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit of all voices and advocate for a world where voices are heard, honoured, and empowered.


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