Terra Lightfoot Comes Alive with “The Only One Of Your Kind”

With 2023’s Healing Power (released October 13, 2023 on Sonic Unyon Records), Haliburton, Ontario-based JUNO and Polaris Prize-nominated singer-songwriter Terra Lightfoot showcased her considerable clout as a pop songsmith, delivering a dozen stunning tracks that together represent a career high. The album served as her third outing with producer Gus van Go, and the collaboration was yet another quantum leap in her artistic development. 


The Only One Of Your Kind” marks the record’s halfway point and is about a topic that Terra felt she had truly neglected for most of her career: her best friends. 


I think people often take best friends for granted. Friends that are always there to support you, during the hardest times. Each of my friends is different and beautiful in their own way, and I tried to capture that in the song. There’s the friend who says they’ll treat you to fancy dinner but takes you to a gas station instead, the friend who got married to the wrong person and you helped her out of it when she was ready, and the friend who you could talk with in the car for hours. Each one is special and unique, and cannot be replicated.




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