Deirdre Murphy’s “Matriotism”: Dublin’s Dynamic Artist Blends Genres in Captivating Album Release!

Deirdre Murphy, an interdisciplinary artist and musician with roots in Dublin, Ireland, emerges with her latest album, “Matriotism.”

Released to widespread acclaim earlier this month, the album is already stirring excitement within the realms of music and performance.

Murphy shines through with her innovative approach to blending genres, pioneering a unique form of gig theatre that seamlessly weaves together songs, contemporary movement improvisation, and sci-fi spoken word.

This fusion of creative expression captivates audiences, earning Murphy spots on RTE Radio One’s playlists and esteemed shows like Ronan Collins and John Creedon. Broadcasting to over 65 radio stations worldwide, her eclectic style resonates on a global scale.

At the core of “Matriotism” lies Murphy’s commitment to championing human rights and challenging societal norms.

Infused with humor and energy, her music inspires and engages listeners, encouraging them to embrace authenticity and forge meaningful connections within their communities.

The album is a culmination of over two years of dedicated production and a decade of songwriting, offering a versatile blend of vocals and instrumentation, ranging from the enchanting “Hands Down” to the introspective “Haunting You.”

In discussing the album’s themes, Murphy shares insights into her creative process and worldview. Each song serves as a reflection of her perspective on love in its various forms, from self-love to romantic and platonic connections, extending to a broader love for community, humanity, and nature. Through tracks like “Million Sins,” inspired by the heroic actions of sea captain Carola Rackete, Murphy highlights the power of passionate creative care and community solidarity.

Rooted in her upbringing in rural Alaska and enriched by her extensive travels throughout the United States, Murphy’s artistic vision is deeply intertwined with her connection to nature. With an extensive portfolio spanning music, theatre, dance, circus, and performance art, Murphy’s diverse talents shine through in each project she undertakes. Past works like “Capitalism: The Musical” have garnered praise for their wit and profound commentary, captivating audiences across Ireland and Italy.

Grounded in her passion for performance and the human form, Murphy’s exploration of movement disciplines and musical composition showcases her versatility as an artist. As an international acrobatics instructor and designer for theatre productions, she extends her artistic vision beyond music, embodying a holistic approach to creativity.

Produced and recorded by Oli Ryan, “Matriotism” features a talented ensemble of musicians, including Denis McCauliffe, Thunderclap Murphy, and Claire Fitch, and mastered by Eoghan Tyrell.


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