Victoria BC Americana artist Sue Decker shares stirring single “The Lost Ones”

Sue Decker will release her second album, Keeping Time, on March 22nd. She collaborated with sought-after roots producer Steve Dawson to record at The Henhouse Studio in Nashville. On stage, Sue’s wit and compassion draw the audience in while traveling through territory that is earthy and beautiful, sometimes dark and gritty, and always life-giving. Sue is guided by authenticity, a belief that everyone’s story matters, and faith in the eternal power of a song.


Her new single “The Lost Ones” was inspired by the opioid/unhoused crises: “I increasingly witness people in crisis on the streets near where I live. Each time, fear and compassion mix with a feeling of powerlessness and lately I started to ask myself, ‘when did it become okay to just walk on by someone in distress?’ And then I think ‘what if it was my friend or family member?’ I have been impacted by mental health and addiction issues in those close to me so the song is infused with personal experiences as well.”

On Keeping Time, Sue’s unique capacity for pairing meaningful and topical lyrics with ear-catching melodies shines through. True to her aim as a songwriter, she uses ordinary language to fuse everyday moments with the unspeakable and the extraordinary. The album title comes from a line in one of the songs, but it felt right to describe the whole album. The recording process was mostly live-off-the-floor playing music together in real time. The songs hold a lifetime of experiences within small moments—looking back on the past and what was not meant to be, current challenges we’re all facing, and preparing for what the future may hold.

Listen in here:

“Sue Decker has one of the most remarkable voices I have heard for many a day. She has a warm voice, deep and strong and there is a haunting quality to it that gave me chills.” – Andy Snipper, Blues Matters UK


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