Emei Can’t Sleep with “Regrets” in New Single

Alt pop rising singer/songwriter Emei has just shared her latest single “Regrets”. The track follows her recently shared singles “That Girl” and “Trust Issues” from her debut upcoming EP out in late October.

Emei is known for her deeply relatable narratives about the transition from adolescents to your 20s. The emotive songwriter is deeply witty and authentic, sharing her own stories of dealing with existential crises that occur in her own coming of age story. In her latest single “Regrets”, Emei confides that the single, “was inspired by one of my night time journal entries consisting of a brain dump of every single stupid regret I’ve had. It starts with a light-hearted sarcastic list and it devolves into all the things that I shouldn’t have done and the things I wish I could change. Though at first a slow ballad, it eventually hits a peak paralleling my frustration with myself.” Musically, “Regrets” begins with an echoing guitar riff under Emei’s pristine vocals full of heart and emotion. The track soon picks up with bouncy beats, layered vocals and hazy synths making for an enthralling musical rollercoaster.

Emei is a Chineses American guitarist, singer and songwriter who is based in Los Angeles. She first began her performing journey on Chinese Idol at the age of 15. She further was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars of China before moving back to the states. During the lockdown from COVID 19 Emei began writing and releasing her own music. With a handful of singles shared thus far, Emei has already received millions of streams and attention from powerhouse Spotify playlists.




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