Folk Singer Tennyson King Collaborates with Country Singer Lindi Ortega on Sentimental Song, “Where I Make My Home”

Tennyson King is an award-winning, nomadic, folk musician from Hong Kong and Canada with a charismatic stage personality and magnetic energy. Pairing songs written in English, Mandarin and Cantonese with kick drum, Zhongruan, electric and acoustic guitar, he captivates audiences with positivity, interactive songs, and playful stories of life on the road. He’s appeared solo from great halls to intimate theatres and brings his band to festival stages with a restorative sound that brings crowds to their feet; folk-rock infused with earthy roots, pop, and subtle psychedelic ear candy.

The first of three upcoming collaborations with notable fellow Canadian songwriters, “Where I Make My Home” is a song that highlights the recognition that home can be found within ourselves, the people we love, the strangers we meet, and in magical places we never knew we’d find.

Written in a small Canadian mountain town by JUNO-nominated singer-songwriter Lindi Ortega and Tennyson King, the song was inspired by their experiences of life on the road – traveling from city to city, venue to venue, arriving and leaving in the dark, feeling the loneliness of a nomadic lifestyle, and battling homesickness amidst the constant unknown. Ultimately, the song reflects on finding comfort in the realization that happiness can be created wherever we choose to make our home.

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“Lindi and I became friends after many hiking and snowshoeing adventures,” says Tennyson King. “We eventually wrote this song and recorded it in the house I was renting, surrounded by mountains, between our hiking adventures. We had long talks about life on the road as a touring artist, and the idea of finding home in our own happiness. I was happily calling Creston, BC, my home and ending up there, meeting Lindi was all a happy accident during my travels.”

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